Local Music

I love live music.  Love it.  All kinda of it.  Even music that I wouldn’t normally like, when live, it has an energy that just makes me love it.  Hard to really explain. 

I enjoy local bands.  Especially when you go for a night out and end up at a quiet little bar where the lighting is low, the walls are dark, the drinks are strong… and there is live music from a small stage.  There was one night in particular I remember… *sigh* it was a good night.  It was a memory of the music that I don’t believe could ever be repeated.  There was an energy that was so filling and so calm at the same time.  The love of the music went from the artists straight into my soul.  It was music I would listen to on a daily basis… however the one song has nearly become that.  It brings me back to the slightly crowded table filled with drinks and coffee and hands.  The lighting so dim you didn’t notice at first glance that the table was as filled as it was.  The candles flickering around creating more depth on the dark walls than the woodwork could ever do in day light.  A friend of a friend had played with one of the guys on stage a while back… yeah, and without a name he wasn’t going to be easy to track down.  Oh well.  You take the moment and live it as often as you can as a memory.

I really feel I am a dying breed when it comes to the love of live music.  The “older” generation or those in my generation who are still a bit older than I am seem to like the quite places where they can discuss politics and “adult” matters such as the economy and not be bothered by music.  Those younger than me, want music they know.  They want parties with pretty people and dancing and the flurry of energy from a cover band matching their talent with the knock of designer items they are wearing… There are very few people who can find a moment… in a small place… surrounded by unknown artists… in a candlelit room… with dark deep walls, pillars surrounding the bar while your table in inundated with glasses and mugs… and take it to heart. 

That was a one time thing for me.  As I said there are very few people who can appreciate it… and I know that is rare.  I only wish I knew then what I knew now, that the night in memory was going to be a solo event.  That each detail needed to be treasured.  Lock in the detail of if the walls were navy or eggplant… of that I am not sure.  They were dark.  Of the waitress, she was pleasant, but fast.  Was she old?  Was she young? Did she cherish the music? 

I would like to see more live music.  Groups or artists I know, and those I don’t know.  I hope in the summer to find a place to sit with a mug of coffee and stare into the night listening to the energy and passion flowing from the people who create music.

As I sit and listen to a song preformed by a friend of a friend who preformed with a guy on the stage in my memory … I raise my coffee mug to you and say… Scotty Devlin/Dervish/Devlsh (I can’t read the writing) … Thank you… Thank you for the memory. Thank you for your talent.  Thank you for sharing your music.


~ by monrae on March 24, 2009.

One Response to “Local Music”

  1. I remember having nights like that when I lived in SF and H-town. I miss them. side walk cafes spilling music out from the inside, wine and coffee and candles. free music in the park and picnics.

    Think we can find that up here? I’d be game for trying.

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