Hello New Month

The second month of this year… wow.  January went FAST! 

I have been doing odds and ends of things trying to keep myself entertained after being laid off… while applying/deciding where to work now.  One of those thing that needs to be on my Just Do List is go through ALL the links on my computer!  I have been cleaning up files and WOW!  There are so many things that I have seen and want to try or do… yet I haven’t touched them.  I am in need of just doing it.  We all know what I am talking about, the random google searches that lead you to see something you save as a favorite on your computer and in your head as a “that would be neat to do.”  Now is the time.  Now.  I am trying to live in the now.  I am trying to keep goals and life more short term as who knows what the future holds, but if you are always looking forward to something you are not loving this moment.

My short term goals are:

create a page on here of the Just Do items

work each day on these items

set smaller goals and FOLLOW through with them

write a lot, each day, as much as I can

enjoy this moment, this one I am in and not look to what is coming or going or where it might be LIVE NOW


~ by monrae on February 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hello New Month”

  1. you don’t blog anymore…i miss this.

  2. Me too.

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