You gotta love girls.  For a lot.  I mean really, think about it, girls are fun to hang out with, they are great to go out and drink with, you can curl up in your hotel room in yoga pants and feel no guilt while eating leftover chinese food at 2 am with a corkscrew… plus hey, girls have boobs.  You gotta love girls.

It was an amazing weekend with lots of laughs.  I am so thankful to have that girl as my girlfriend.  I am going to be making a very strong point to see her more and to keep in way better touch.  If you have unlimited texting, why not take advantage of it, just not at dinner while you are sitting at the same table.  I suppose it is ok at dinner while sitting at the same table if there is a band playing making it hard to hear.

I am back.  I am tired still.  Got a few things done today, but not nearly what I would have liked to have gotten done.  Tomorrow is a new day and I will be kicking ass doing as much as I can.  I have a goal to finish the craft project I am on by the time Thursday night conferences come around.  They are not connected, just a deadline.  Pics to come as to the project I am on.

Dinner making, laundry changing, and dish washing here I come, becuase at 7pm, I am reserved by the tv to watch all of the amazing dancers!


~ by monrae on January 27, 2009.

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