The First Lady

Honestly, I can say, I have no care as to what she was, is and will wear.  She is an amazing women no matter which designer she decides to wear.  She is a strong and beautiful lady no matter which color she chooses to dress is.  Yes she looked wonderful, but honestly, people… the day was about history and her husband, not about clothing!  Clothing doesn’t make the person.  She and her family were the focus of the day… why does it matter to me, who would NEVER wear an outfit such as hers matter?!?!  Each person has a style.  Each person has a slightly different body type.  How is her style and her body type going to save the fashion industry in the US?!???? There is my short rant.

What is it to be a lady?  Is it to dress a certain way?  Is it to act a certain way?  What is it that makes a lady?

I don’t think it is the clothing.  I don’t think it is entirely the act.  I think it is the heart behind the act.  I think it is the way in which a women can say so much without uttering a word.  I believe it is in the way that she carries herself.  The way humility and pride are a fine line.  The way in which family is top priority.  There is a way about being a lady that goes beyond what can be seen. 

I can only hope to grow into what I see as a lady.  I know some may say I am there… I have work to do, a lot of work to do.  I can put on the act.  I can say the words.  I can be quiet and let my eyes say the words.  I am not sure that the pride and humility line is there… I think that is part of it.  I want to be able to be strong and stand tall, yet be silent.

Moving past that… I was re-reading some of my favorite blogs.  There are a few that wow, these people can write!  That was more of a random thought, in case you were curious.

I sit and look at my life, and how at this point, not that a job makes up a person, but I feel like I am in the middle of the lake, with no boat, in a lifejacket, bobbing… and the cooler is out of range.  I just bob there, hoping to be picked up and brought to land.  I go through each day with the feeling of little purpose.  I clean.  That’s about it, other than sit on the computer and hope to make the time move forward.  Yeah it is great to be there, but really, what are you doing?  I want to have something to do… to be… I want to make a difference.  I don’t want to be in the middle of the lake.  I want to be happy.  I want purpose. 

I have a few things that I want to to do.  I want to be in shape, like Jillian Michael in shape.  I am adding more items to my daily bobbing routine to try to get in better shape.  I want to have the house SUPER organized.  I am adding a few minutes of time each day to do that.  I want to craft things.  I take a few more minutes each day to work on (and finish) the project I have going.  I want to be write more.  I am taking time each day to spend at least 10 minutes to write… something… anything.

I want to be the strong, beautiful women who is a lady…who stands in the “limelight” but just on the outskirt of the light.  I don’t want to be a front and center person, but I want to be the biggest supporter of the center person.  I want to be able to be me and do the background work and see the good come to light, but not have to talk about it.  I want to stand tall and strong and proud, with people commenting about the physical strength as well as mental strength I have… I want to have the ability to be silent and have my presence speak for me.

The First Lady, is now a person I look up to.  She is powerful and strong.  She has the ability to speak her mind and to be silent.  I have a deep respect for her at this point.  Granted, I do not know her on a personal level, however the level in which I have seen her, she represents much of what I wish to be. 

History in the making… and it has nothing to do with fashion.


~ by monrae on January 22, 2009.

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