Time’s up…

It is December 22 at 11pm.  Time’s pretty much up for the holiday preparation.  Tomorrow is a day of a few runnings, getting the last minute things taken care of, which this year, is pretty much everything.  I have to, have to, have to get the ham.  Grocery stores close, so I need to be sure to get that one item taken care of.

I wrapped a few more gifts today.  Sadly I am just not getting it done this year.  Maybe it is work.  Maybe it is mood.  Maybe it is because there is just so much to do this year.  I don’t know.

I need a good happy book to read.  I want to fall into a book like I did with Twilight.  Any suggestions?  The crazy mother book is on the list of to be read, but I want that get sucked in and dream about nothing but the book and wake up and day dream about the book kind of book.

I am 3 to 4 projects deep in holiday yarn crafts.  I just can’t sit down to work on them today.  Kinda crazy if you ask me.

I hope that the weather doesn’t provide me any surprises tomorrow.  I am going to get my Dad’s gift and would like nice roads.

The plan for tomorrow includes:

a mission

grocery store adventures

Dad’s gift adventures

a little bit of work

cleaning the house like a mad woman on some kind of drug to make her go insane of the demise of dirt, clutter or anything that may not be the utmost appearance of being put together.

Will half the list get done, who knows, but we are going for as much of it as we can.


~ by monrae on December 23, 2008.

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