Insanity is not a gift, it is a talent

I have perfected my insanity.  I am sure of this.  As I sit here, there are a million little men running around my head running into each other trying to preform the tasks I ask them to do.  I know it is men in my head, because NOTHING is getting done!  Seriously self!  It is apparahant that my craft ADD is worse than ever.  I sat down, with a projcet IN HAND, set to work on it… then turned and picked up the project that was in the bag next to me… “ohhh shiny.”  What the heck is wrong with me?!?!  Insanity.

I start the laundry downstairs, as Mt Washmore was is desperate need of  a visitor.  I gave myself a visitors pass, but only for today.  I am going to see it, do it then have the cheesy guest shop gift to prove I was there.  But you see, as I say this, I have a sink full of dishes and a bed full of folded laundry.  Do you think I can just do one thing at a time?  Hell no!  Even when I try, not luck.  Insanity.

I have a bin of gifts ready to wrap/move to friends houses’ and to sort through.  I took at the time to put it together.  Why didn’t I just wrap the gifts?  I have no idea.  I have a list of items to get while out and about today.  Have I managed to leave the house yet… NOPE!  I said I was going to be out of the house running errands nearly 3 hours ago.  But I do have a dish full of hot water and dishes and Mt Washmore’s visitor’s pass to show for the 3 hours.  Insanity.

This year doesn’t feel …. holiday like.  It just seems like winter.  With nothing to be looking forward to.  I don’t mean that I don’t want to see family… but really… there is nothing to be looking forward to.  There is no special “thing” this year.  I feel like such a bad mom… just realized last night, we haven’t done the Santa photo or the dress shopping… or really much baking.  Insanity.


~ by monrae on December 22, 2008.

One Response to “Insanity is not a gift, it is a talent”

  1. i hear you. this year just feels like winter. I think on my end at least, it is because i am distracted. i should have a tree and have decorated by now. my gifts should have all been purchased and wrapped. but not this year, i’m not sure why, but it just is. maybe its the economy. we all keep waiting for more more money because we are used to being able to give more. maybe its the idea that i told myself that christmas will not happen until my next ultra sound and my brain took that literally. who knows. but i know the boat you are in. its the same make and model of mine.

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