Then there was one

I am the lone adult in my house for the next few days.  It is always hard to be… “it.”

I woke up after barely sleeping to the wonderful sound of rain.  Rain on the roof is the best sound to wake up to, on days when you can sleep in.  Not only do you know you can sleep in, you know that the rain gives you extra reason to be less motivated than usual.  I rolled over in the microfleece encased slumber tomb I was so warm and cozy in.  I could hear the soft purr of two kitties on the bed with me.  I could hear the rain pick up a bit.  I could feel the pillows wrapped on both side of my body warm the night’s attempted sleep.  As I lay there warm and peaceful, thinking of that first cup of coffee… reality hit me.  HOLY HANNA MONTANA IT IS RAINING IN DECEMBER IN MINNESOTA!  Not good for doing anything other than ice and landing ass first while out and about.

It is 10:02 pm and I have not opened the front door today.  The Peanut and I made chocolate ocvered pretzels… it was fun.  We didn’t do a lot today.  Worked on cleaning up the house a little, watched some Scrubs.  I have started and scrapped more Christmas crafts in the few hours of working on them tonight than in the last few months.

I am off to either drink myself into feeling capable of sleeping alone or taking enough pms to sleep alone or to lay there clutching my phone to my chest with pillows and cats wrapped around me frantic with the thought of all that could “get” me during the night.  If it is like the standard… option 3 will win out.


~ by monrae on December 15, 2008.

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