Sunday night, already.  It was a very good weekend.  Few things can compare with this weekend.  Friday night was a fabulous time curled up on the couch with movies, junk food and the girls.  Saturday was apple orchard and bonfire.  Granted Peanut was sick on Saturday night, but in the grand scheme of things it was minor.  Today, Sunday was filled with Farmer’s Market, canning of apples, motorcycles rides and friends.  Who could complain about anything right about now. 

Granted, my house is messy, but it is well lived in and loved. 

Tina and I were going to ride to Sparky’s.  She wanted a few ’round the blocks to get herself back into feeling it.  So we did, only one brief “Oh Eve… Oh Tina” moments.  Then we picked up a Chubby Hubby and Peanut and went off to ride to Sparky’s.  Keep in mind that this ride is only about 3 miles long.  It isn’t far.  It is back rodes.  But there is a strong feeling from a good many of us, I think we count as a good many, that if you can get to Sparky’s house, you can get anywhere.

Off we go, me leading, Odin at the end and Tina in the middle.  We made it there with only a small mishap… I kinda went on a light that I shouldn’t have and they stopped.  I forget that other people won’t take lights like Naked Hubby.  We chatted a bit during the orchard planting at Sparky’s… which Peanut has asked if he would set up a hay ride to the orchard from the street so next year we don’t have a long drive to the orchard.  he he he  Then off we went, the 4 of us on 3 bikes.

All was going well, we made it out of the neighborhood by Sparky’s, which was a turn that is a little scary, not majorly scary, but just enough to make you take a moment of extra time.  Then up to the first light.  I pull in behind a cop, who kept looking in his mirror at us.  Then the light turns, we drive off, slowly and since we are behind law enforcement, rather slowly.  *Lights sirens* from another car, so we all pull off to the side.  When the officer in front of us pulls out and begine to go, so do I.  I found that when riding in the front I check my mirrors A LOT!  Like constantly.  I feel the need to make sure we are all there.  The cop car we are following turns to a side street, making me wonder what we had done and if we were going to get pulled over.  I had already practiced the “I’m new to the motorbike thing… be nice to me speech in my head.”  No lights.  No sirens.  So we continued down to the light.  It was red, it was green, it was rather quick.  Approaching the turn I was watching the car ahead of the car ahead of me.  When I saw brake lights, I hit my brakes.  Looking forward, there were people in dark clothing who I could barely see crossing the middle of the road.  I was glad I was watching the car in front of the car in front of me, as I stopped in time to not touch the car in front of me.  Just barely!  I missed and stopped in second so I needed to restart and shift to first to finish the turn through the stop light.  No huge ordeal… no … OH MY in the mirror I see Tina.  She is coming.  She is right there!  She missed me!  She really missed me!  Thank the heavens, she missed me!  Hey look, there goes Odin.  Peanut looks a little like a bobble head on the bike with her big helmet.  Ok, shift done, restarted… go through the light… *sirens*  Look look… *lights* from the opposite direction I was trying to turn… a firetruck… really?  All within like 50 feet?!?!  Quick pull behind Odin.  Take a breath as the lights and sirens pass… which hand do I use to flip off the idoits in dark clothing who crossed in the middle of the street, the brake or the clutch, there is a little bit of a hill, best not to use the brake… never mind, don’t flip off people when you aren’t sure of their reaction.  Ok, look all that is front of us.  Ok the last car went through the light, my turn!  Go… I hear Tina… I heard her stall… I shouldn’t stop on the hill, not good visibility.  Keep yourself visible.  Over the hill… should I stop, *mirror check*  Ha ha!  Two headlights, no stopping.  A few more turns and dippy route home and all is well.

It was a fun little adventure.  I didn’t think.  I didn’t freak.  It was a good ride.

I would love to someday have an adventure like Ewan and Charley’s… I would love to go Long Way… anything.  Someday.  In time.  Let’s hit the interstate at midnight on a Wednesday first.


~ by monrae on September 22, 2008.

One Response to “Already”

  1. Sara!!! i found your exhaust, it was right next to my leg! OMG what a fabulous night and weekend!

    Here’s to our Ewan and Charley adventures. Thanks Eve!

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