Crafts and the challenge

I dream of crafting.  As part of the changing the chaos… I am going to spend an hour each day with or without kids, crafting.  I have a list of crafts to do.  I want to finish one a day for a whole month (30 days), or at least get a good chunk done a day, there are a few projects that might take more than a day.

I challenge you to do the same.  Make something each day.  Big, small, fancy, simple.  Just do.  Just make. 

I am ignoring everything that is started and I am going with what a fresh list.  If I work on things start, BONUS points.  Here’s how it will go.  I will post what I am doing the day before I do it.  Then after it is done, photos and possibly a tutorial will be posted.  I would love to set up more, but really, for the first month of the craft challenge, I am going simple.  Just do a craft.  Any will do. 

Today my craft is paper beads with recycled newspaper and/or magazine paper. (thanks Kate, you got me started on this!)


~ by monrae on September 15, 2008.

One Response to “Crafts and the challenge”

  1. I cannot wait to see what you have done.

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