Sunday Morning

Today was a morning where all I can do is smile.  I love it!

Naked Hubby and Peanut made pancakes for themselves, I had my Slim Fast Shake.  It was amazing to watch them cook together.  It had been a while since both were in good moods and able to work well together.  Things just clicked today and it was beautiful.

We had a very good night last night.  Hung out at Scrubby Hubby and (here is where I realize I need to finish the cast and crew page as I am not sure of what to call some of our friends) Hot Mama’s house with others.  It was really nice.  No real stress, no real drama… just a relaxing time.  We played a game called Flinch.  It was fun.  I love to play games.  Games are good, especially when mixed with beverages of an adult persuasion. 

Yesterday was a unproductive day where a bunch got done.  I know it sounds like a contradiction, but the things I tried to do didn’t get done and the ones that were on the back burner or even a different oven, were done.  The tub had been a pain in my ass for a while.  It didn’t want to drain properly, it would fill up to past bath level during the time it took to wash my hair.  That was not fun.  I got mad at it and stormed downstairs to “fix” it.  Ripping open the ceiling tiles, Naked Hubby took over, one because he can reach and two because well, he’s the man of the house and understands how to do these things.  Granted, I did a lot of plumbing things while we were at the Aquila ( apartment managers), however I don’t like to do it and I’ll play dumb in a heartbeat if someone is willing to help me with it.  I admit it, I play helpless little girl when it comes to plumbing.  After quite a few four letting words and some very colorful phrases, a bottle cap/top and a sock looking thing were removed from the pipes and all is well in the drain field.  There were a couple of pieces that needed to be replaced and the helpless little girl I am is not sure the only slightly helpful man from Menards got the right pieces.  I could not find what I wanted and he was trying to tell me the way it *should* go together.  Surprise surprise, we live in a house that was once owned by a DIYer from hell!  Nothing is as is *should* be. 

I firmly live by the rule ” Don’t should on yourself.” 

The straw for the strawberries wasn’t picked up.  I had it.  I had it in view.  The nice lady from behind the counter at the garden center I went to, kept whispering in an obvious way “Don’t use it.  Don’t by it.”  So despite my knowledge that I may not get it done in a timely fashion and might lose the berries for next year in the terrace, listened.  I will try again later.  They did however have the piece I needed to hang my rain chains.  I’ve waited since Mother’s Day to complete that project.  Simple story about being so excited that since I was the only one working on it, it was put to the way back burner of the stove next to the one that I was focused on.  I think that fire was near burned out to the point where something needed to ignite it, and not getting straw was just the catalist needed.  I hope it doesn’t rain and I can get them up today.  It *should* (nastly little ‘s’ word) be a 30 minute project to do the two I plan on.  We’ll see how that goes when I get up on the ladder.

I enjoy Sundays.  There is no other day quite like it.  We are planning to start going to church again, it is hard for us to make the commitment to get up and go each week.  Especially with school starting this week, but next week I would like to start that.  This week, I think we all needed the sleep.  Plus without the shower being ready, I don’t think anyone would want to sit near us 😉

Sundays are the days where nothing has to be.  Nothing has to be done.  Everything can be moved to tomorrow if really needed.  We can curl up and watch movies.  We can run around and do a million things.  We can just be.  I think after a couple of smaller projects are done, we will watch a movie and relax as a family.  I think that Karl is going to try to get a massage today, he is SUPER sore from the plumbing and finishing of a friend’s flooring.  I like the sound of not needing to be doing a lot.  Groceries are something I can do today. 

Ahhhh, Sunday morning.


~ by monrae on September 7, 2008.

One Response to “Sunday Morning”

  1. I have never heard the phrase “dont should on yourself” until I read your post. How clever, and true.

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