Confessions of housewife and craftaholic

After the really high pitch “beep beep beep” going on for an HOUR this morning, not only did Naked Hubby decide to get up, Peanut was up.  I had rescued the toast curtains from the mouth of dumb cat who was trying desperately to eat them.  (They smell like toast after I dyed them.  It makes the room smell nice.  I love the color.  I just hate that dumb cat wants to eat them!) We figured out that the pants I just brought home for Naked Hubby don’t fit.  Which is a shame, they were super soft and really dressy looking.  But alas, they just didn’t fit.   

I crawl out of bed, grab my laid out clothes (love having an outfit ready at night so I only have to go on auto pilot in the morning) and hit the shower.  After battling that a room coul dbe cleaned in the amount of time it would take me to shower and get dressed, I actually head to the red bath.  What I found in there… is… one of the things that makes mothers/housewives/ women CRAZY!  No tp, an overflowing garbage can, and what looks like a brush-full of hair in the sink.  GROSS!  Really how is it that only women see a full garbage can?  How is it that women are the only ones to magically know that more tp is needed when you run out?  I replaced the tp, and go to empty the garbage… to find a full kitchen trash.  AHHHH!  How is it that I am the only one to see that it is so full?  I watch Naked Hubby throw stuff in last night and have to pack it down.  When he said he is the one to take it out… wouldn’t that be done about now?  No, no, no, silly me.  I didn’t ask him.  Along with not asking, was the taco meat.  Sigh, the taco meat.  Naked Hubby makes the BEST EVER taco meat. 

I made spaghetti last night and asked if with the extra humburger thawed if Naked Hubby would make taco meat.  He agreed.  We ate, I did dishes and he started taco meat.  When Peanut came out of her room he looked at her and asked what was running.  I simply said, your taco meat.  He added the seasonings and a bit of water so that it could simmer for a bit.  We played a game for a while, in which I asked at least 2 times if I needed to do anything to the taco meat.  When Peanut went to bed, he shut off the meat.  And that’s as far as it got.  It is on the stove, open… still… with a full trash can in the kitchen and subsequently one in the bath, not that it is part of that line, but the 1/2 bath has a full trash as well.

VIdeo games are going to be on a limit.  He can’t play that late.  When it takes an hour of beeping and things are not finished at night because videos games await.  It is time for the Mama to step in.

My day is going to be filled with fix its from last night and cleaning up the house.  It near kills me that this is my life.  Cleaning… doing what others have forgotten… the endless, thankless tasks of taking out the trash and replacing tp rolls.  It does give a certain satisfaction to bless my family with these chores, however, no one noticing, makes it difficult some days.  I think today is one of those days.

I wish, wish wish wish, to craft today.  I have craft indicision.  I want to make it.  I want to make everything I see.  Then I see something new and I want to do that.  As I am close to completing that project, it is inevitable that I am going to see another idea or come up with something else to make.  It is a task just to keep myself on craft task.  I had hoped to work on duct tape crafts today.  However the project I started yesterday to find out that the software on my computer isn’t the right stuff and Naked Hubby had to fix last night (we didn’t look at the software when he changed me over to this laptop, when I said we, I meant he, but I am trying to be nice). 

I take the garbage out, only to find it so full you can’t pull the bag out.  I remedy this by putting shoes on and carrying the can and all out to the recepicle to empty it.    I replace the bag, another women trait, and dump the taco meat.  Sadly, nearly shedding a tear for the wonderful taco salad I had planned but will not get to eat.  When I go to wash the pan of taco meat, what do I find?  I find a backed up sink.  The tub drains slowly, so slowly that it is like a bath when you take a shower.  And now the kitchen sink.  Sigh.  I would have really liked a taco salad today. 

When you buy an older house it has its quirks.  Quirks like bad plumbing.  Plumbing that you know is a minimum of $400 when you get desperate enough to call for help.  I had wanted to eat this month, comfortably… not that leaving the taco meat out shows that, but I would love to say that things that happen after I go to bed are not of my doing.  I realize that as the Mama, everything is my doing.  Everything that does or does not get done, is my responsiblity.  I did no task about the meat when he came to bed.  I was not awake when he came to bed.  I did not look, in my cold-medicine-induced-neaer-coma-type state, as I heaved my slim-fast-isn’t-working-on-my fat ass to bed.

Funny thing is, this post started out to be about how I don’t finish a craft project due to empty toilet paper rolls.  I am going to change my attitude and re-start the day.  The girls aren’t here yet, which has given Peanut and I more time to battle brushing hair and eating breakfast, not to mention morning tv, shoes and putting folders away in backpacks.

I am going to power clean, then try out the new tranfser pencil I got for designs.  I found a little lady I really want to embroider on a towel.  That is the idea for the day.  If not, bellydancing at Shiraz will be a haven for me.  I am going to post this in hope that my internet connection stay up long neough to have it happen.  When I retuen from dropping the girls off at school, the day is getting a rebooting of its lifetime!


~ by monrae on September 5, 2008.

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