Early Morning Readiness

I sit here, at my kitchen table, at 8 am sipping my slim fast breakfast (french vanilla) dressed to the shoes with make-up and hair done as much as I ever would.  First laod of laundry in, and new shower curtain ready to hang.  I was sick and didn’t change my curtain on the 1st.  Each month should have the ability to have a special theme.  This month is the month of… well, look for the photo later today 😉  Back to my original point.  Why? Why do you ask am I ready with hair and make-up done at 8am… let me tell you.

I am running errands today.  Ahh the life I have led for the past six years of “getting all dressed up to go to Wal-mart.”  Really I shop more at Target, but still the quote is to priceless not to use at every chance.  I am running to Michaels to get colored duct tape, because who doesn’t need a few rolls of brightly colored duct tape.  I know I need ti for a craft that is later today.  I’ll share the duct tape craft after it has been completed.  Lastly I need to go to Steve and Barry’s to try to shop for husband’s pants.  I tend to love shopping at the thrift stores, but I can tell he doesn’t care for it as much.  So on the hunt for pants to fit him I will go.

Buh Bye and Have a Productive Day!

Buh Bye and Have a Productive Day!


~ by monrae on September 4, 2008.

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