The day before

The day before vacation.  It seems to move so quickly on with the things you want to do before leaving.  It seems to move so slow on the normal day ending and vacation beginning.  It is exciting.  It is a good day.

I think we are ready, minus the house cleaning.  Even the house cleaning isn’t bad. 

As I took a shower, which is my best time to think.  I thought of all the past vacations I have been on.  I love going places.  There are things to do and things to see that you wouldn’t get to see “at home.”  You can leave a lot of the every day behind and enjoy this day, this moment.  I miss enjoying.  Being Mom, wife, friend… I have replaced adventure with responsibility.  I see it often, where I would love to go and _____ but I have to get up in the morning or Peanut isn’t feeling well or I don’t have a sitter.  That whole belief changes a lot on vacation.  We do most things that a family can do together.  It isn’t a matter of figuring who sits out, unless we are going on rides at an amusement park.  We go and do.  There is no job to get up for.  There is no house cleaning, no dishes, no cats, no laundry (although I do like to do a load or two before coming home) needing to be done, no meals to plan and prepare and shop for, just adventure. 

Wonder is a wasted quality.  Kids wonder.  They see something they don’t know and are attracted to it.  They want to find out what it is.  They touch it, explore it, do it, jump and and allow wonder to surround themselves.  I do find when on vacation, I see wonder again in adults.  People care less about what others think and more about having a good time.  Who cares if I look silly, no one here knows me!  I love that thought.  I love the adventure that goes with travel.  You never really know what to expect.  You know the idea, but not what you are going to see. 

The other best part of travel is the FOOD!

I love pizza.  BBQ.  Salad.  Fruit.  I love food.  I can’t wait to find what Branson has to eat! 

I will miss my kitty boys.  They are going to be lonely.  I love my boys!


Be good boys, play nice with Nermal.  She lives alone now, and isn’t used to being abused by you boys.  Here is the site waiting for me, that is giving me those good chills.

I will try to blog from our vacation, however, it is more likely that you will have wonderful stories when I get back.  *hugs*  Be good while I am gone, or as good as I would be 😉


~ by monrae on August 21, 2008.

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