100 Things about me

1.  I love music

2.  I like to cook

3.  I like the color pink

4.  I grew up in Detroit Lakes, MN

5.  I like living in the twin cities

6.  I like to crochet/ yarn

7.  I do not like driving

8.  I procrastinate

9.  I dream a lot

10.  I am hurt easily

11.  I prefer warm weather

12.  I like animals

13.  I like to grow things

14.  I like homemade

15.  I like coffee

16.  I like sugar free drinks

17.  I love to dance

18.  I love vegetables

19.  I do not like seafood

20.  I like to travel

21.  I like exercise

22.  I do not have dedication to exercise

23.  I do not like my body

24.  I am strong

25.  I can be weak

26.  I do not like being alone

27.  I like me time

28.  I like pedicures

29.  I like acrylic nails

30.  I would get a boob job

31.  I would not do lasik

32.  I am smart

33.  I do not know a lot

34.  I don’t like eating outside

35.  I like grilling

36.  I want a collection… of something

37.  I enjoy storms/ rain

38.  I like pin up girls

39.  I enjoy giving

40.  I am not comfortable receiving

41.  I like natural decorating

42.  I am able to do most things by myself

43.  I can build something, or will one day

44.  I like smelly soaps

45.  I do not like taking a bath

46.  I baked a potato

47.  I am short

48.  I own a house

49.  I do not like scary movies

50.  I like babies

51.  I enjoy Thanksgiving

52.  I am crafty

53.  I do not have a lot of time

54.  I need to organize to have time

55.  I am caring

56.  I worry too much

57.  I’d give anything for my friends

58.  I like being in control

59.  I like spicy food

60.  I do not like green peppers

61.  I am a decent writer

62.  I am scared of guns

63.  I try too hard

64.  I over-think things

65.  I hate putting away laundry

66.  I am open minded

67.  I like trying new things

68.  I am particular

69.  I have an addictive personality

70.  I like colors, in interesting combinations

71.  I love my friends

72.  I like music that is “young” for me

73.  I like beads

74.  I enjoy writing

75.  I want to be published someday

76.  I try to do the FlyLady

77.  I have had a friend for 10 years I have never met

78.  I dislike clutter

79.  I don’t know how to sew

80.  I baked my first potato recently

81.  I know how to drive a 5 speed

82.  I have a motorcycle license, but rarely drive

83.  I like to give gifts

84.  I read self help books

85.  I believe in God

86.  I try to be a better person each day

87.  I believe in random acts of kindness

88.  I was in band

89.  I never went to band camp

90.  I hold a lot of things in

91.  I have 5 boy cats

92.  I can’t memorize phone numbers

93.  I used to be flexible

94.  I belly dance

95.  I have high standards

96.  I compare myself to others

97.  I am determined

98.  # 46, was a one time thing, only with the help of a bag, see also #80

99.  I can do anything I set myself to

100.  I do know who I am


~ by monrae on August 21, 2008.

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