Worked out of work

Don’t you hate when that happens.  I am mostly out of work.  As planned, there is a fire at our place tonight… meaning people, kids and pets.  No reason to finish cleaning the majority of the house.  All the cleaning would be undone, faster than it was done.

Packing is done, minus the morning things.  I only have one load of laundry.  That will be done tomorrow so sheets, towels, random clothes and items found during clean up can be washed and put away.

Why is it, that having nothing to do, nothing on the master list of to do’s is a right now or feasable task for this moment, having nothing to do, STRESSES ME OUT!?!  Is that … normal?  Do other people find it strange when there is nothing that needs to be done, at this moment?

Hmmm… The girls and I are going to play a game.  We can do a quick pick up of the playroom, then play in there.  Or in the basement.  Cool… basement. 

I really do feel like our luggage.  Packed, but left open for the unexpected “need to bring this” item that I might run across.  Yet, just waiting knowing that things are taken care of.  Ready to be brought out to the car for the trip, but not wanting to wait in the car for too long.

Yes, it is time for the long anticipated game of WAR, with the four of us.  Shuffle the cards, cause here I come!


~ by monrae on August 20, 2008.

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