Berries, Kitties, Yarn, Fabric, Windex

I really wonder if I am more ADD than OCD.  LOL  I can’t seem to focus on one thing at a time.  I start into a project and instantly move to the next one.  I am finding focus through what I want as an end result.  I want to clean up the raspberry mess along the back fence so I can make jam.  Jam is something that in the middle of winter you can pull out the glistening red jar and open a handful of summer sunshine.  I can share it.  I can give it.  I can hold it.  When you pick up the jar, despite it being cool almost cold on the outside from its resting place in the pantry, it feels warm and radiating.  

Hey look I have floor pillows… nope, just cats.

I want to finish the afghan I started for Jaiden, but the requires sitting.  In one spot.  Under all that yarn.  Hmmm… I think warm is a theme in my life.  The warmth of summer.  The warmth of love.  The warmth I can give by creating afghans. 

I need to finish my drunk quilt.  A quilt made of t-shirt with alcohol phrases on them.  Soft, easily washable, and prefect for the intoxicated to sober up with. 

As we finish the planning and the packing for our vacation, I clean.  There is nothing worse than coming home to a mess.  There is more to cleaning than picking up in my little house.  I have to clean and sort and organize.  Then the next day I wonder why as kids run and play and laugh.  There is a certain part that although it is frustrating to watch the work I do be “for nothing” there is a greatness to it.  When you get smiles and you know that there is so little stress and worry in the little minds that surround you.  It is worth it.  When you get to end a day with those you love.  It is worth it.


~ by monrae on August 19, 2008.

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